"The way I relate to my son has become more creative and I am better able to hear him. Now that he feels heard he listens more." - Jess Chinn // Vancouver Canada
"Tina created a dynamic and welcoming environment at Parents As Coaches where we felt safe and supported to share and grow with one another. Many tears were shed and challenges worked through. As a result, a deep bonds were formed." - Panny Braidwood
"Tina-Marie regularly offers intelligent insights, and she is unafraid to challenge me in order to initiate change. As a teacher, I have directly observed the positive effects of Tina-Marie’s coaching on many students, teachers and parents. " - Kelley Clarke // North Vancouver Canada
"Coaching with Tina-Marie was time to myself to reflect on different aspects of my life. She was someone to bounce ideas off of, and a great way to talk about all the jumbled thoughts in my head. I loved it! I enjoyed filling out the worksheets as I am a very visual learner. This really allowed me to focus on what I was looking to change in my life. I understand myself a lot better now." - Sara Paley