Certified and experienced relationship coaching for people ready to improve the way they communicate and connect with others.



Are you raising kids, nurturing a relationship, or teaching youth?

Then you need boundaries. Compassionate. Strong. Healthy boundaries.

And it's hard to set them when you haven't yet discovered your deepest truths.


I'll help you unravel your scattered thoughts so you can begin to know yourself; your truest, wisest self. 


As a result, you'll begin creating boundaries that nourish your confidence and improve your relationships.

Because when we parent, love, teach, and lead with healthy boundaries—we deepen our impact in the world.

And that feels so good.


Kids don't come with an owner's manual.

Is your nightstand piled with self-help and parenting books in an effort to navigate the confusing (and often overwhelming) world of parenting and personal fulfillment? Do you wonder why your kids won't listen to you? Are you struggling to find happiness and joy in your personal life when the pressures of managing a family feel chaotic and—let's be honest —at times unfulfilling?

Then the Parents As Coaches workshops are just what you need.

Learn new ways to build trust with your kids so you can enjoy less yelling, bribing, and back-talk and more peace and joy!

Being a kid isn't as easy as it seems.

If you are a parent or educator I know you see the pressures and stresses your kids are experiencing. Modern culture is wonderful, and if you are a teen, it's a doozy to navigate. The airbrushed expectations and constant social feedback is enough to make our grownup heads spin. Like generations before us, adults struggle to relate to the cultural evolution of teens. And this is a problem. A big one. 

When kids don't feel understood, they go inside. They close down. They look to their peers for behavioral guidance. And since their peers are,  by and large, behind digital screens the feedback isn't always compassionate, authentic, or useful. In many cases it's downright detached and cruel.



Someone they can completely unravel with - without fear of judgement or nagging.
They need to feel safe, heard, validated, supported, and most importantly accepted.


I am passionate about working with teens who want to cultivate the courage to:

  • follow their creative dreams (rather than give in to outside pressure)

  • speak their unique truths (because authentic perspectives are beautiful)

  • create mutually supportive relationships (with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, and teachers)

  • diffuse social drama (rather than get embroiled in it)

  • move through their emotions (instead of stuff them inside. side note: stuffed emotions come back around as behavior eruptions.)

  • understand their natural learning style (because this is not always nurtured within school systems and it can help elevate grades)

Guiding our kids as they transition from emotional childhood into emotional adulthood - with life coaching tools and techniques - is one of the most positive, loving, and proactive things we can do as parents and educators. If you are a grownup and desire to learn how to facilitate this, I encourage you check out my individual and group coaching packages for adults RIGHT HERE.

If you are a student who is ready to feel more at ease about life, homework, and the craziness of social media before you head into your next school year - I invite you to speak with your parents about one of my limited spots for youth life coaching. It's not therapy. It's not school. Think of it as Jedi training :) 


My youth clients enjoy:

  • feeling clearer about who they are and what they want in life

  • finding good friends and creating strong relationships

  • weathering social storms without all the drama

  • getting better grades with greater ease

  • actually going to school (it is possible, trust me:)

  • understanding their parents better so it doesn't always feel like they're from Mars

“My life has changed dramatically over the time I have spent talking with Tina. She helped guide me and show me that I am not crazy for feeling the way I do. When I first began talking to Tina, I was at quite a low point of my life. I was scared to leave my house or go to school, I couldn’t make any friends or put myself in any type of social situation because I allowed my anxiety to get the best of me. I can now do things that I never dreamt were possible, like making it through a full semester of public school without giving up and knowing how to turn my negatives into positives to help motivate me. Ever since I started talking to Tina, I’ve grown confidence I didn’t know I had.” Dana D. - 15 yrs old


12 - 60 minute phone, online or in-person coaching sessions.
We meet once per week for three months.

Plus: an open invitation to email or text me in between sessions for support & resources.


Price  $1800  plus GST                                                                                                       Payment plans available

Parents: are you ready to see your son or daughter relax and enjoy life more? Perhaps even open up to you for better communication and increased trust? Life is too short to watch our kids struggle with stress when some simple life coaching skills could make a noticable, positive difference!

Because I am devoted to creating exceptional client experiences, I work with a limited number of clients at one time.
Coaching spots fill quickly on a first come, first serve basis. Is one of them yours? 
I am excited to meet you during your free consultation time. Book it now.