Parents As Coaches is a collection of courses that meet weekly for two hours.

There are four levels of learning in the Parents As Coaches framework and participants commit to one module before progressing to the next.

The classes are relaxed, participatory and fun! You'll look forward to joining your Parents As Coaches people each week as you add new skills to your parenting toolkit and celebrate the change that will naturally occur as your perspective shifts and your confidence grows. Students are welcome to come solo or as couples. Online or in-person.



Courses can be booked for groups such as:

  • neighborhood friends
  • extended family
  • organizations
  • mom's groups
  • dad's groups
  • day care providers
  • after-school care providers

You'll enjoy:

  • a safe space to feel heard, understood, and supported
  • embodying new leadership & communication skills
  • defining your family's alliance so everyone feels supported
  • learning a new parenting approach founded in positive psychology
  • learning nonjudgemental ways of problem solving
  • understanding how to stay calm in chaotic situations
  • guiding your kids to self-manage their behavior
  • increasing your listening levels for more fun & positivity in life
  • understanding how to avoid the archaic parenting patterns that keep people stuck in power struggles with their kids

Module 1:

+ What Is Coaching  
+ Creating A Space That Is Safe, Open & Inviting
+ Listening Levels That Expand Communication

Module 2:

+ How To Open Up Conversations
+ Curiosity, Powerful Questions & Duct Tape
+ Practice Coaching In Diads

Module 3:

+ Identifying Your Values
+ Connecting With Your Intuition
+ Practice Coaching In Diads

Module 4:

+ Well-Formed Outcomes & Goals
+ Wheel Of Life
+ Practice Coaching In Diads




solo = $200 for 4-course module
couples = $350 for 4-course module

online or in-person workshops


Your investment in Parents As Coaches will save you money in the long-run, because your family members will:

+ understand one another
+ respect and support each other
+ contribute in positive, meaningful ways

Which means you won't need to spend your time, energy, or money seeking solutions to problems that no longer exist.

Are you ready for your life to feel more vibrant and fun as you learn new ways to raise happy, competent, responsible, affectionate, communicative kids? Click that purple button below and let's get the ball rolling.

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