A joyful, happy life isn't dependent on the stuff we achieve or own.

It's all about the depth and realness of our relationships with the people in our lives. Especially those closest to our hearts.

Do you often say the wrong thing and then mentally kick yourself?
Do you want to feel more deeply connected to your spouse, friend, or kids...but your behaviours keep getting in the way?
Do you lash out at home or work and then regret it?
Do you feel such intense anxiety about expressing your true feelings that it seems easier to keep them buried, even though it's wearisome?

I'll help you change all of this.

Without judging you or forcing you to become someone you're not.

During your coaching sessions you'll learn who you truly are and how to express yourself with love, respect, and self-aware wisdom.


I'll teach you how to open up with the people you care about in meaningful and powerful ways so you can enjoy happier, more fulfilling relationships. Even if you tend to be naturally anxious, insecure, or hot-headed. 


Personalized coaching is the perfect solution if you're ready for deep, sustainable change in how you interact with the people in your world.

Many of my clients enjoy outdoor sessions. We'll meet in nature to walk and talk. The results of coaching this way are profound because as we move, you'll be more in your body and less in your mind. This will enable you to discover your deepest sources of clarity without your busy, stressed mind constricting and limiting you.

I'll help you implement new communication skills that improve how you show up as:

  • a parent

  • a partner

  • a business owner

  • an educator

You'll enjoy exercises that lead to insights to help you dismantle old habits and wire new ones in their place. 


And your relationships will positively evolve as a result.




  • feeling less exhausted at the end of the day

  • releasing what's not serving you without guilt

  • turning your home into a place of peace and fun

  • richer more respectful relationships with your kids

  • deeper intimacy with your partner or spouse

  • non-judgmental guidance from an experience and certified professional coach

  • better communication and increased ease with your coworkers or employees

  • increased confidence to align, elevate, or altogether change your career

Coaching is not the same as therapy. We'll honor your past and find the wisdom and resilience in your journey, while focusing on moving your life forward. Coaching is a gradual process that requires consistency, support, and space.

For maximum benefit and sustainable change, a minimum of 13 sessions is recommended.



13 - 60 minute coaching sessions

We'll meet weekly for three months

You'll receive notes & action steps

Plus: an open invitation to email me in between sessions for unlimited support & resources


$1950 for the 3-month process                                     Payment plans available

How much better would your life be if you could create stronger, more peaceful and fun relationships with your kids, partner, coworkers, employees, parents, or friends? Click that purple button below and let's visit!